Go60! Challenge

We’re keeping Go60! The ISCD Anniversary Challenge going!

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Adam Berdickevsky – Tennis
This former professional soccer player who lost his leg in a boating […]
Sergei Lysov – Tennis
Sixteen-year-old Sergei is considered to be one of the world’s […]
Shimi Sacheik – Cycling
Hand Cycling is becoming one of the most popular sports for those with […]
Asael Shabo- Basketball
Asael Shabo was at home during a horrific terror attack in which he […]
Diana Shneier – Choose your Own Challenge
Diana has distinguished herself as one of the few women in the world […]
Caroline Tabib – Table Tennis
Caroline lives with Congenital Paraplegia – paralyzed from the waist […]
Ilanit Yurman – Swimming
Ilanit Yurman lost her leg to cancer when she was 9. She underwent […]
Vital Zinger and Sean Ziv – Dancing
Vital Zinger is a competitive Latin Dancer and a passionate change […]



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