Q: What is Go60! The ISCD Anniversary Challenge?
A: The Go60! Challenge is AFISCD’s virtual campaign honoring the ISCD’s 60th Anniversary by being active with the number 60 in mind. Eight incredible Israeli athletes living with physical challenges are challenging all of us to swim, bike, play tennis, shoot baskets, dance, play table tennis OR CREATE YOUR OWN ACTIVITY CHALLENGE – connected to the number 60!  Sixty (or 6.0) minutes, miles, repetitions, pounds, whatever – YOU decide! Have fun while helping athletes, young and old at the Israel Sport Center for the Disabled!

Q: Why should I accept the Go60! Challenge?
A: The Go60! Challenge is the perfect way to get moving, challenge yourself and at the same time support children and adults living in Israel with physical disabilities. ISCD uses sport rehabilitation and provides a unique community to over 2,000 people, building their self-esteem as they become productive and successful members of Israeli society. The pandemic has seriously impacted the income of the ISCD as well as fundraising activities in the United States. By taking the Go60! Challenge, you are making a difference!

Q: How does the Go60! virtual challenge work?
A: First select a challenge you’d like to complete. ISCD athletes have created challenges for themselves in swimming, biking, table tennis, basketball, tennis and dance. You can accept the same challenge as the ISCD athletes, create a different one in that sport, or do something completely different. You can create any challenge you want to do to honor ISCD’s 60th Anniversary.  Once you register, you will receive amazing SWAG in the mail: a performance t-shirt, cooling headband, and awesome mask. When it arrives, snap a picture or video yourself (and your team or family if doing with others) stating the challenge you’ve accepted or created and post it on social media.  Be sure to tag @AFISCD and use some of our event hashtags like #ISCDgo60, #ChallengeAccepted, #go60challenge.  Invite friends and family to join you!

Q: How do I sign up? 
A: It’s easy! First, create your fundraising page so you’re listed when people want to support your efforts. Then register for your challenge.

Q: How can I modify my fundraising page? 
A: Once you create your page, you’ll receive an email titled: We’re so happy to have you join us in Go60! The ISCD Anniversary Challenge by the American Friends of Israel Sport Center for The Disabled! Inside the email is a link titled: “Log in to Your Page.” Click that link and you’ll be able to easily modify your page. Note: If your photo uploads sideways, resize it to be square. Also inside the email is a link titled: “Page Link.” Send this link to your family and friends asking them to support you in your challenge.

Q: How can I modify my team fundraising page? 
A: To modify the team fundraising page, the team captain must log into his/her page as described in the section above. Two buttons will be displayed on that page, “Manage my Team” and “Invite Team Members.” Click the first button to modify the team information and click the second button to send out an email to invite others to be on your team. Don’t worry about the funny code in the Invite email. It’ll turn into a button in your email.

Q: How do teams work? 
A: You can join a team or create your own. You do not have to be on a team, but it will be more fun to do the Go60! Challenge with friends and family so you can support each other’s efforts.  Also, the team’s total fundraising will be the combined total of everyone on the team – and we’ll have prizes for the most successful team! 

Q: Can I accept the Go60! Challenge and not create a fundraising page? 
A: Yes. You can register and accept the Go60! Challenge and give your support to another fundraising page or team.

Q: I am signing up now. When do I actually do my challenge?
A: Start practicing now and take the Go60! Challenge anytime between August 9 and August 30. Be sure to tune in online for Go60! Opening Ceremonies on Sunday, August 9 – 10PDT/12CDT/1EDT.  More details coming soon.

Q: Do I have to do one of the Israel athletes’ challenges?
A: No. You can run, walk, hike, jump rope, read books, or do anything with “60”.  6 x 10, 60, 120, 180 or whatever works for you. Be creative and do what makes you happy!

Q: Can I do more than one challenge?
A: Yes!  You can do as many as you would like! We will have prizes for the most challenges completed, the craziest challenge, the most dollars raised, and best team name and more!

 Q: Does my challenge need to be athletic?
A: Only if you want them to be!  You can create challenges of any kind including some variable of 60. Read 60 books, post 60 positive messages, cook ten new recipes using six ingredients. Be creative. Someone’s challenge is to get 60 people to take the Go60! Challenge!

Q: How do I report my completion of the challenge?
A: Post it on the AFISCD Facebook page and email us at info@afiscd.org.  We can’t wait to “Like” your post and congratulate you on your achievements!

Q: What do I get for participating in Go60!?
A: Everyone nationwide who registers for the Go60! Challenge gets a performance t-shirt, cooling headband and an awesome face mask. Once you register, the SWAG will be mailed to you immediately.

Q: Can I take the Go60! Challenge on my workout machines?
A: Yes! Challenge yourself using your Peloton, treadmill, elliptical, weights and more. But really? Get outdoors and enjoy that summertime weather!

Q: Can I register after the Go60! Challenge start date on August 9?
A: Yes, anyone can register up until the end date of August 30.

Q: Is there a minimum age to participate in the Go60! Challenge?
A: No minimum age. Young and young at heart, there is a Go60! challenge for everyone!

Q: What does the Go60! SWAG look like and can I buy extra?
A: See photos under the Swag Tab, and YES! you can purchase additional SWAG sets on the registration page.

Q. I’m still confused. Who can I contact to help me?
A.  Feel free to email additional questions to info@afiscd.org or call our office at 847.441.2652

Q. What does the swag look like?
A.  Check out this great swag: