Vital Zinger and Sean Ziv

Vital Zinger is a competitive Latin Dancer and a passionate change maker, lawyer, social activist and public speaker. Soon after birth, Vital was diagnosed with a rare type of cancer that took years of chemotherapy to defeat and which also injured her spinal cord and paralyzed her lower body.

Vital literally had to learn how to fight for her life and her health, before learning how to walk or speak.

Vital fought long and hard for accessibility and inclusion at her high school and later on in the IDF, where she served with distinction.

In parallel to her social activism, Vital has challenged herself as an active competitive athlete since she was 12 years old with the ISCD, and after training in swimming, tennis, table tennis, wheelchair races, basketball, and badminton, Vital started a career as a Latin Para-Dancer with the Israeli National team and has been world-renowned in this field for more than a decade.