Sergei Lysov – Tennis

Sixteen-year-old Sergei is considered to be one of the world’s greatest talents in wheelchair tennis. He lives with Perthes Disease, a medical condition that prevents him from walking unassisted due to hip necrosis.

Sergei and his family immigrated to Israel from Russia in 2019 in search of a better life and services for the youngster, and Sergei was quickly absorbed into the ISCD program. ​From the moment the family made contact with the ISCD and informed us that they planned to make Aliyah, the ISCD’s professional staff has taken care of every aspect of their immigration: helping with acquiring  Israeli passports; working with the Jewish agency on the arrangements of their flights; finding temporary housing; filling up their refrigerator with groceries on the day they arrived in Israel; negotiating for permanent residences; helping his parents with employment; arranging for the Sergei and his siblings to be absorbed in local schools; and hiring a truck to help them with furniture.

Having been already crowned World Champion in 2018 as part of the Russian National Junior Wheelchair Tennis Team, Sergei now is a member of the Center’s Olympic Hopes Program. The coaches at the Center see a great professional future on the Wheelchair Tennis Tour and the world arena for Sergei.

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