Ilanit Yurman – Swimming

Ilanit Yurman lost her leg to cancer when she was 9. She underwent extensive chemotherapy and battled its side effects.

Today, Ilanit works in the field of finance and is the mother of two children. She is an accomplished triathlete and open water swimmer.

In 2019, Ilanit accomplished an amazing athletic feat. She swam along Israel’s coastline, a distance of 200 km. This five month journey took place through hot water, cold water, waters ridden with jellyfish and against strong currents. None of these adversities stopped her.

Ilanit is one of Israel’s most desired public speakers as well as an inspirational leader. In her free time she supports and advocates for many organizations that serve children, youth and adults with disabilities.

“It’s important to me to be an inspiration to others so that people see that anything is possible if you go for it.”

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