Caroline Tabib – Table Tennis

Caroline lives with Congenital Paraplegia – paralyzed from the waist down, doctors did not give her much chance. Her dedicated mother and the professional staff at the Center thought differently.

​Caroline came to the Center at a very early age. At the beginning, she only took on swimming and basic wheelchair control, but her natural athletic gift soon sprouted and did not go unnoticed by the Center’s professionals, who kept a very close eye on the young girl.

​Attending the Center on a regular basis, her arms grew stronger, her wheelchair control improved and with that her self confidence and inner strength blossomed. She was very popular in kindergarten and as she grew up, Caroline realized that being involved in sports makes her strong and proud, leading her to increase her training at the Center.

​At the age of 8, Caroline started playing wheelchair table tennis. At first she could barely hit a ball. For hours, little Caroline and the Center’s coaches worked every day improving her grip and hand-eye coordination. Caroline gradually improved and by the time she participated in the Israeli Championships for the first time, she won against girls two and three years her senior.

When Caroline was 12, she participated in her first international competition and achieved a phenomenal Bronze Medal. At school and at home – Caroline turned into a leader, and her success in the field of wheelchair sports turned the young woman from a child with an extreme disability to an extraordinary champion.

​Caroline today is on the Tokyo Israeli Olympic Team and is a regular on the podiums across Europe and the entire world.

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