Asael Shabo- Basketball

Asael Shabo was at home during a horrific terror attack in which he lost his mother and three brothers. He lost his leg in the attack.

Asael joined the Center at the age of 8 and distinguished himself as a swimmer.  The power of sport gave him the mental and emotional strength to deal with his trauma. Later, Asael moved to the wheelchair basketball program.

Asael was quickly identified as a rising star in wheelchair basketball, playing on Israel’s national team for a number of years and leading the team to success.

Two years ago, Asael became a professional wheelchair basketball player and signed with the BG Baskets Hamburg in Germany. Today, Asael lives with his wife in Israel where he works for the ISCD and continues to play wheelchair basketball. His frequent appearances in the United States in wheelchair basketball exhibitions has made him an icon of this highly competitive sport.

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