About Mitzvah Projects

Why should I choose to support the Israel ParaSport Center for my Mitzvah Project?


Every day at The Center, lives are being changed.
The athletes gain confidence, morale, and hope from sports — hope that makes it possible for them to live happy, exciting, and full lives! People of all ages find hope at The Center, from pre-schoolers to Paralympians. They love sports just as much as you do. The only difference is that they need all different kinds of wheelchairs to play.
The Center relies on the support of kindhearted people like you to make its important work possible.

How do I start my Mitzvah Project?

Send an email to info@israelparasport.org. You can do your project individually or with a group of friends!

Write a few paragraphs about yourself and why you are choosing The Center. Make sure to attach a picture of yourself! You can add a video too.

We’ll add your story, picture, and video to our website.
Your friends and family can post messages to you and donate directly from there.

What can I do for my Mitzvah Project?

There are so many ways to raise awareness and funds for The Center Here are some popular past projects
– maybe you’ll love them too!

Start your Mitzvah Project Today!

Thank you for your interest in supporting the Israel ParaSport Center through your mitzvah project! To get your project posted online, please fill in the information below and click Submit. Then email your photo or photos to info@israelparasport.org. We’ll set everything up for you and then email you information on how your friends and families can donate to your project. Thank you so much for helping to support The Center!

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